Effective September 2015


A regulated member of ACSLPA participates in continuous quality improvement activities to promote the effectiveness and safety of service delivery.


To demonstrate this standard, the regulated member will:

 a) Initiate and/or participate in program evaluation activities (e.g., satisfaction questionnaires, data gathering, analysis) to evaluate the effectiveness of
………new and/or ongoing services.

 b) Use the feedback obtained from quality improvement initiatives to continually improve service effectiveness and safety.

Expected Outcomes

Clients can expect that the regulated member participates in continuous quality improvement activities to promote effective and safe services.


All ACSLPA documents and relevant Alberta Government legislation can be accessed from the ACSLPA website at www.acslpa.ca.

  • ACSLPA. (2017). Code of Ethics. Edmonton: Author.
  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute. (2009).The Safety Competencies: Enhancing Patient Safety Across the Health Professions. Ottawa: Author.
  • Government of Alberta (2011). Health Quality Council of Alberta Act. Edmonton: Alberta Queen’s Printer.


Client refers to “an individual, family, substitute decision maker, group, agency, government, employer, employee, business, organization or community who is the direct or indirect recipient(s) of the regulated member’s expertise”. 

Quality improvement refers to “the combined and unceasing efforts …to make the changes that will lead to better patient outcomes (health), better system performance (care) and better professional development”. 

Regulated member refers to “an individual who is registered with ACSLPA in any of the categories of membership prescribed in Regulation and in the ACSLPA Bylaws”.