4.1.2 Courtesy Register Member

About this category:
  • Required for speech-language pathologists and audiologists from outside of Alberta who will be providing professional services in Alberta for a limited number of specific purposes. A complete listing is available here.
  • May use the protected titles of their profession.

NOTE: In these situations you are granted this type of membership only for the time you need to complete the task, up to a combined total of twelve months.

To be a member under this category, you must:
  • Be able to practice legally in a jurisdiction[3] outside of Alberta.
  • Demonstrate, to the Registrar’s satisfaction, you are trained and qualified to practice in your profession.
  • Demonstrate you have the required level of Professional Liability Insurance (see Appendix 3) if having direct clinical contact with clients in Alberta.

For further information about Courtesy Registration, see section 12.

[3]Area or place of official control with the power to enforce rules.