7.5 Translation of Documents

You must send us an official English translation for all documents not written in English
ACSLPA will accept translations from:

  • The consulate, high commission, or embassy (in Canada) of the country that issued the documents.
  • A Canadian consulate, high commission, or embassy in the country from where you emigrated.
  • A translator accredited[6] by a professional association of translators in Canada.
  • A translator accredited by a federal, provincial or municipal government in Canada.
All translations must be original and accompanied by the translator’s statement confirming:

  • That the translation is accurate and authentic.
  • That the translator belongs to one of the categories listed above (identification number and/or seal, name, address and telephone number are required).
  • The full, printed name and signature of the translator.
NOTE:  You are responsible for the cost of getting your documents officially translated. Costs are at the discretion of the agencies who complete the work.

[6]Officially recognized as having the essential qualifications.