Clinical Practice Hours Requirements

The Summary of Clinical Practice Hours Form for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology are included in the Audiology and SLP application packages that are completed online. They are used to check that you have met the requirements for completed clinical practice. Please note: Graduates of Canadian accredited programs in speech-language pathology or audiology are not required to provide a copy of the clinical hours form as part of their application package.

For all applicants from non-Canadian accredited programs, the Summary of Clinical Practice Hours Form must be completed and signed by the Program Director of your Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology educational program. Your university must send the original, signed document directly to ACSLPA. We will not accept photocopies.

According to our English Language Proficiency Policy, both didactic learning and clinical practice requirements must have been satisfied in the English language in order to waive the need for successful completion of a standardized English language assessment (please refer to appendix 4 for detailed information).

As an applicant you need a minimum total of 350 hours of university supervised clinical practice within your academic program of study. The clock hours you report must reflect the number of hours of client contact. In that 350-hour requirement, you also need a minimum of 20 hours of clinical practice in your minor professional area (i.e., in audiology for speech-language pathologists and in speech-language pathology for audiologists) . You may not include observation hours in meeting ACSLPA clinical practice requirements.

If you are short of hours in the minor professional area, you will be required to complete supervised practice to meet this requirement. The additional clinical hours may be completed as part of a 450 hour supervised practice, if this is already part of your requirements for registration.

If you do not have to complete any additional supervised practice apart from in the minor area, you will need to complete at least* 4 hours of practice with the appropriate profession in order to address the minor hours deficiency, focusing on the following content:

For Audiologists:  Understanding of when to refer to an SLP, including warning signs that would suggest a referral is warranted and observational skills in relation to warning signs.

For Speech-Language Pathologists:  How to read an audiogram, how to screen hearing, and awareness of warning signs that would suggest a referral to an audiologist is warranted.

*The exact number of supervised hours will be stated as part of your registration requirements, but the minimum will be 4 hours.