2.1 Use of Title

Effective September 2015; Revised June 2022


A regulated member of ACSLPA accurately uses their appropriate protected titles, abbreviations or initials to identify themselves to clients and others in all professional encounters.


To demonstrate this standard, the regulated member will:

a) Ensure they are registered with ACSLPA prior to using the protected titles, abbreviations and initials of their profession.

b) Accurately represent their protected title to clients and others to ensure understanding of their professional identity.

c) Follow the conventions for listing protected titles and other credentials and certifications.

d) Use the title “doctor” in compliance with established criteria to ensure clear identification as a regulated member when providing a health service.

Expected Outcomes

Clients can expect the regulated member to communicate their professional identity and credentials clearly and accurately.


Client refers to “a recipient of speech-language pathology or audiology services, and may be an individual, family, group, community or population. An individual client may also be referred to as a patient.”

Regulated member refers to “an individual who is registered with ACSLPA in any of the regulated categories of membership prescribed by ACSLPA Bylaws, the Health Professions Act and our Regulations.”