Registered speech-language pathologists (SLPs), who have a Practitioner Identification Number (PRAC ID), may refer clients directly to psychiatrists for consultations in the form of a verbal or written communication (e.g., fax, email, letter).

SLPs who are registered with ACSLPA and working in Alberta are eligible for a PRAC ID. To obtain a PRAC ID to allow direct referral of clients to a psychiatrist, follow the steps below.

Register with Alberta Health

SLPs are responsible for providing their PRAC ID to psychiatrists when a referral occurs.

Additional Items to Note:

  • Some psychiatrists may specialize in certain areas only (e.g., pediatrics). It is highly recommended that SLPs communicate with the intended consulting psychiatrist regarding the type of conditions or areas they may specialize in prior to making referrals and ultimately initiating a collaborative relationship for the sake of the client.
  • Psychiatrists require the referral source to provide their individual PRAC ID in order to receive payment for the requested client consultation and ultimately may decline the request if the referral source does not hold a valid PRAC ID.
  • Although SLPs will not receive payment from Alberta Health for referring their clients to psychiatrists, this process will enhance client care, improve access and provide continuity of care.