Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), registration with ACSLPA is mandatory for SLPs and Audiologists in Alberta if they:

  • meet the requirements for registration as a regulated member; and
  • intend to provide any professional services as described in the practice statement for their profession.

Regardless of whether the work is paid or unpaid (i.e., volunteer), clinical or non-clinical, full-time, part-time, or casual, registration with ACSLPA is mandatory for any SLP or Audiologist who:

  • provides professional services directly to the public;
  • teaches the practice of their profession to regulated members or students; and/or
  • supervises regulated members who provide professional services to the public.

Mandatory registration for healthcare professionals reassures the public and employers that a practitioner has met the standards required to practice, and that, as a result, Albertans will receive safe, competent care.

If the College Registrar decides that an individual,

  • is not a regulated member of ACSLPA, but meets the requirements to practice as an SLP or Audiologist; and
  • is providing professional services as described in the practice statement of that profession,

then the Registrar may request that the person apply for registration.

The flowchart below summarizes the potential outcomes for failing to register with ACSLPA.

The HPA prohibits anyone from knowingly employing an individual who is required to be registered with the College but is not. A person who knowingly employs an unregistered practitioner is guilty of an offence and may be subject to penalties (e.g. fines).

According to the HPA, any regulated member who is aware of an individual (e.g. a colleague or co-worker) who meets the requirements to practice and whose work falls within the practice statement of their profession, but who is not registered with ACSLPA, should report this matter to the College. To verify if an SLP or Audiologist is registered, check the Public Register on the ACSLPA website.