Under the HPA, the College has the legislated responsibility to “establish, maintain, and enforce standards for registration” (HPA, s.3(1)(c)). To meet this responsibility, the College establishes the requirements for entry into the profession, interpreting and expanding on legislation through bylaws and policies.

The HPA’s basic process for registration of regulated health professions is summarized below.

The government’s registration requirements for a particular profession are located in the regulation for that profession. The specific requirements for registration with ACSLPA are listed below.

Applicants for registration as a regulated member of ACSLPA must have obtained a minimum of a master’s degree from an education program that is approved by the ACSLPA Council.

Applicants who have completed their education program outside of Canada are individually assessed to determine if their qualifications are recognized as being substantially equivalent to Canadian master’s programs.

A practitioner’s qualifications must be current in order to qualify for registration. To demonstrate current qualifications, applicants for registration and regulated members at renewal must have:

  • completed their education program or approved refresher education within 3 years of the date when the Registrar receives a complete application; or
  • practiced for at least 1250 hours in the last 5 years immediately preceding their application; or
  • demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Registrar or the ACSLPA Registration Committee that they are currently competent to practice as an SLP or Audiologist.

All applicants for registration and all regulated members at renewal must provide evidence of having good character and reputation. Some examples of how evidence of good character and reputation may be provided include:

  • Graduating from a university program in audiology or speech-language pathology without any academic misconduct findings reported on university records.
  • A clear police information check or an equivalent acceptable to the Registrar.
  • A positive reference from a colleague, supervisor, professor, or other qualified individual, and/or a letter of good standing or similar record from another professional regulatory body.

For further information about good character and reputation requirements, please refer to the ACSLPA Bylaws.

All applicants for registration and all regulated members at renewal must provide evidence of having the type and amount of professional liability insurance (PLI) required by the ACSLPA Council. Regulated members must hold their own PLI policy; employer PLI is not accepted.

For further information about liability insurance requirements refer to the ACSLPA Bylaws.

All SLPs and Audiologists must be sufficiently proficient in the English language to be able to provide professional services in English. As a result, applicants for registration may be required to provide evidence of their proficiency to provide professional services in English.

For further information about English Proficiency requirements refer to the ACSLPA Bylaws.