All Other Audiology Applicants 

(e.g., applicants educated outside of Canada or the US, graduates of non-accredited Canadian and American programs, applicants from American jurisdictions where application requirements are not substantially equivalent to ACSLPA’s).

Required documents:

  • A completed Registration and Practice Permit Application Form.

  • Official transcripts confirming the date on which you officially received your graduate degree and undergraduate degree(s); documents must be original and sent to ACSLPA directly from the university where you received your qualifications. Original electronic documents (e.g. transcripts and credential assessments) from post-secondary and recognized assessment agencies that can be accessed by secure login site will be accepted as original documents.

  • A verified and signed Summary of Clinical Practice Hours Form, completed and forwarded directly to ACSLPA from the university where you received your qualifications (See Appendix 2 in the Registration Handbook).

  • An original academic credentials assessment from one of the credentialing agencies listed under heading 7.4 List of Credentialing Agencies in the Registration Handbook. A course-by-course analysis report is required. We require a course-by-course analysis for both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

    NOTE:  The cost of the academic credential assessment is your responsibility.

  • A copy of, or link to a handbook, syllabus, or calendar that gives a detailed description of your program of study and clinical practicum. Course descriptions should include:

    1. Course objectives and format
    2. Total number of lecture hours

    For individuals who have completed both undergraduate and graduate level coursework, a copy of, or link to a handbook, syllabus, or calendar for relevant undergraduate courses is also required.

  • A completed Coursework Requirements Form (See Appendix 1 in the Registration Handbook).

  • Your current résumé.

  • Evidence of your English language proficiency if required (See Appendix 4 in the Registration Handbook).

  • A written reference from an audiologist colleague, supervisor, professor or recent employer
    (Reference Request Form).

  • The application fee and registration fee.

NOTE:  If you are unable to obtain official copies of your transcripts and other documents because of a situation you cannot control, you must submit a letter explaining your situation and you may give certified, true copies of your original documents.

After we’ve reviewed these required documents, we will notify you by email regarding your application, and will outline any additional requirements.

Our standard requirement upon review of documentation is successful completion of an exam. Further information regarding examination requirements is available here.

NOTE:  You are responsible for the cost of writing the examination, and the results are valid for up to five years from the date you successfully passed the exam.

Once you have successfully passed the exam, you will be approved for registration, and must then submit:

❏  Evidence you have the required Professional Liability Insurance (See Appendix 3 in the Registration Handbook).
❏  A satisfactory Police Information Check, or equivalent (See Appendix 5 in the Registration Handbook).
❏  The applicable registration fee.

After we’ve reviewed these required documents, we will notify you by email whether or not your application has been successful. If your application is successful:

  1. You will receive an email advising you to pay the applicable registration fee.
  2. You will receive information and instructions for completion of the jurisprudence education requirements of the College
    (See Appendix 6 in the Registration Handbook).

You will then be registered with the condition that you must practice under the supervision of an approved speech-language pathologist or audiologist for a minimum period of 12 weeks (450 hours). The purpose of the supervised practice is to ensure that the new registrant has the knowledge and skills  required to practice their profession, while supporting and assisting them in becoming successful, independent practitioners in Alberta.

You must find a professional to supervise you and submit their name to ACSLPA for approval. An approved supervisor must:

  • be a practicing member of ACSLPA,
  • have a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience in their respective profession,
  • be of good character and reputation,
  • be in good standing with ACSLPA and not be subject to any complaints or investigations at the time of the supervision, and
  • be approved as a supervisor by the Registrar.

ACSLPA will give the approved supervisor their guidelines and reporting forms  (Refer to Appendices 7a and 7b for sample supervision forms).

As a new regulated member, you will receive instructions for downloading and printing your annual practice permit (with the condition that you practice under supervision) and receipt.

After you successfully complete the period of supervised practice, the conditions are removed and you will be issued a new practice permit valid for what remains of the registration/calendar year.

If you need more information on the required documents and the registration process, you can find detailed descriptions in the Registration Handbook.

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