7.1 General Information

Translation of Documents


You must also send us an official English translation for all documents not written in English. ACSLPA will accept translations from: The consulate, high commission, or embassy (in Canada) of the country that issued the documents. A Canadian consulate, high commission, or embassy in the country from where you emigrated. A translator accredited[1] by a professional association of translators in Canada. A translator accredited by a federal, provincial, or municipal government in Canada. All translations must be original and accompanied by the translator’s statement confirming: That the translation is accurate and authentic. That the translator belongs to one of the [...]

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List of Credentialing Agencies


Costs for credential assessment vary across the institutions listed, typically ranging anywhere from $200.00 to $250.00 Canadian. This does not include delivery fees or additional copies of documents. Access individual agency links for their specific information. International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) 4th Floor, Sterling Place, 9940 – 106 Street, Edmonton, AB T5K 2N2 Tel:  780-427-2655 Fax:  780-422-9734 Email: iqas@aecd.gov.ab.ca Website: https://www.alberta.ca/international-qualifications-assessment.aspx You will need to request the Specialized Assessment. Please complete the Release of Assessment Results to Other Institutions/Organizations section of the form so that they will send us a copy of the assessment report. World Education Services 45 Charles [...]

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Referral to the Registration Committee


The Registrar will refer your application to the Registration Committee if they decide that you need further assessment to determine if you meet the registration requirements. Applications received from individuals who were trained outside of a Canadian or American accredited university program in SLP or Audiology are typically reviewed by the Registration Committee. ACSLPA’s Registration Committee meets six times per year, on the second Friday of January, March, May, July, September, and November (Please note: these dates are subject to change due to extenuating circumstances). We require all documentation a minimum of three weeks prior to a committee meeting in [...]

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General Information


Applications for registration with ACSLPA are welcome from all suitably qualified candidates. Consistent with the Fair Registration Practices Act (FRPA) (2019), ACSLPA endeavors to ensure that its registration practices are transparent, objective, impartial, and procedurally fair to all applicants. The Senior Regulatory Coordinator manages all registration questions and may be reached at: Tel:  780-944-1609 or 1-800-537-0589 Fax:  780-408-3925 Email:  registration@acslpa.ca After all the necessary documents are received, the Registrar will review your application and will then: Approve you for registration and issue an annual practice permit; or Approve you for registration and issue an annual practice permit with specific conditions, [...]

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Time Required to Process Registration Applications


The length of time required for a registration decision will vary, but in general, is as follows: Applicant Type Approximate Minimum Length of Time Required to Process Application* Graduates of a Canadian Accredited Program (not registered with another SLP/audiology regulatory body in Canada). 1 - 2 weeks New Graduates of a United States (US) ASHA[1] Accredited Program [1] American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. 2 - 3 weeks Applicants registered in a fully practicing membership category[1] with another provincial SLP/Audiology regulatory body in Canada (BC, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NL, NS) [1] See Section 4.1.1a. 1 - 2 weeks Applicants registered [...]

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