Your 2023 Practice Permit Expires December 31, 2023

It is illegal and an offence under the Health Professions Act to work or volunteer in your profession in 2024 until you have a practice permit and can verify your registration status on the ACSLPA website (see Verify Registration). Working without a valid practice permit constitutes unprofessional conduct and may subject an individual to disciplinary action, fine or injunction.


General Registration Renewal Deadline is 11:59pm MST December 31, 2023.

If your renewal is not complete and fees paid in full before the deadline your practice permit will be suspended. To resume practicing in 2024, you will need to pay your fees plus a $250 application fee.

Practicing Non-Practicing Retired/Honourary
Registration Fee – $204.00 Registration Fee – $204.00 Registration Fee – $50.00
Practice Permit Fee – $546.00 Total – $204.00 Total – $50.00
Total – $750.00

ACSLPA accepts:

  • VISA
  • VISA Debit
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • E-transfer

A $30 processing fee is in place for using any other payment method. Visit the Fee Schedule.

You may split your renewal payment over several weeks or between credit cards, here’s how:

  • Complete all elements of the registration process;
  • Proceed to payment;
  • Choose the ‘split’ button;
  • Enter the amount you would like to pay and proceed with payment(s).

Your renewal will not be approved until it is paid in full. This needs to be completed on or before December 31.

Tax Deduction

ACSLPA registration fees may be tax-deductible as professional fees if they have been paid personally by you and not been reimbursed by your employer. Check with your employer as to your eligibility for employer coverage of registration fees and how it might affect your income tax as a taxable benefit.

Required Information

Your renewal is not complete until all required information has been received by ACSLPA, including:

You complete 3 tabs:

  • Continuing Education Report;
  • Peer Dialogue Reflection; and
  • Risks and Supports.

Click here for information and resources to help complete CCP.

Receipt and Practice Permit

After ACSLPA has processed your registration, you can print your receipt and practice permit (if applicable) online. Past income tax receipts are available in the system. Under Section 36(5) of the Health Professions Act, a regulated member must make their practice permit available for inspection upon request. In addition to your printable practice permit, registration can be confirmed in the ACSLPA Public Register.

After your fees are paid in full you have an option to purchase an 8 ½” by 11” practice permit certificate through the ACSLPA website for $10, including shipping. Click here to purchase.

Registered members who do not intend to renew are asked to indicate their intention by logging into the online system and choosing the ‘Archived’ category. This process only takes a few minutes and once your registration is archived, ACSLPA will discontinue sending renewal reminders.

Registered members who are retiring may be eligible for the Retired/Honourary membership; for further information, visit the Fee Schedule and contact the ACSLPA office.

Office Holiday Hours

The office will be closed December 23 through to January 2. The renewal system will close at 11:59 pm on December 31. If your renewal is not complete, it will be suspended. To resume practicing in 2024, you will need to pay your fees plus a $250 application fee.

It is very important to contact the ACSLPA office if you have any questions regarding your registration renewal before December 23. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, weekdays.

For the complete online instruction manual or renewal video, click here.