The jurisprudence education requirement consists of a set of online education modules and a multiple choice examination. It is designed to ensure that regulated members gain knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation, regulation, ethical/practice standards and requirements of a regulated health professional in Alberta.

New Applicants/New Regulated Members

Completion of jurisprudence education requirements is mandatory for new regulated members and a condition will be placed on their practice permit, stating that they must complete the ACSLPA jurisprudence education requirements. New regulated members have 30 days to complete the required jurisprudence education requirements, after which their conditional practice permit will expire.

Existing Regulated Members

At this time, completion of the jurisprudence education requirements is encouraged but not mandatory for regulated members. It will become mandatory at a future date to be determined by ACSLPA Council. If you haven’t already completed this training, consider learning about jurisprudence as an upcoming continuing competence goal. Your goal should be focused on the learning you want to achieve by completing the educational modules and exam. For example, “I will increase my knowledge and skills in the area of professional regulation, and specifically the requirements of speech-language pathologists and audiologists in Alberta”.

The learning activities that will assist you in obtaining this goal will be the jurisprudence training modules you complete and any additional readings in relation to the guiding documents  that are discussed as part of these modules. If you also need to complete an external feedback option, you can complete a guideline/document review that addresses any one of the documents mentioned as part of the training modules. For additional questions, please contact the ACSLPA office directly.