Your 2023 Practice Permit Expires December 31, 2023

Registration Renewal Deadline is 11:59 pm MST Dec 31, 2023.

If your renewal is not complete and fees paid in full before that time, your practice permit will be suspended. To resume practicing in 2024, you will need to pay your fees plus a $250 application fee.


You will need your User ID (the email on file with ACSLPA) and your password.


If this is your year to complete, you will know by the red text box in that section. Your exam must be complete by Dec 31.


Calculate your qualifications hours worked from Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2023 (you need to predict the hours you will work till the end of the year).


You need to enter your PLI info into the online system. Do not submit a copy. More info on PLI requirements is available here.


You will need to complete 3 tabs: Continuing Education Report; Peer Dialogue Reflections; and Risks and Supports. For more information and resources to help, click here.


Select ‘True’ or “False’ in response to all declarations – then click ‘Submit’.

If your renewal gets ‘blocked’, see page 20 of the complete step by step manual.


ACSLPA accepts: VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, American Express and E-transfers at no extra fee. See the Fee Schedule for more options.


Want to split your renewal payment over several weeks or between credit cards? Choose the ‘Split’ button when you are ready to pay. Your renewal is not complete until fees are paid in full.

Your 2023 Practice Permit Expires December 31, 2023

It is illegal and an offence under the Health Professions Act to work or volunteer in your profession in 2024 until you have a practice permit and can verify your registration status on the ACSLPA website (see Verify Registration). Working without a valid practice permit constitutes unprofessional conduct and may subject an individual to disciplinary action, fine or injunction.