This course is being updated and revised – final to be released in mid 2024.


Course Purpose

Jurisprudence is defined as the theory or philosophy of law. Because speech-language pathology and audiology education and training programs typically focus on the clinical, rather than regulatory aspects of becoming a speech-language pathologist (SLP) or audiologist, understanding the application of law and legislative requirements in day-to-day practice can be complex. Also, regulatory requirements vary from province to province. As a result, the ACSLPA Jurisprudence e-course was developed to assist SLPs and Audiologists understand the relevant legislation, regulation, standards, and other legal requirements that apply to regulated health professionals in Alberta.

Completing the jurisprudence modules ensures that SLPs and audiologists:

  • demonstrate knowledge of Alberta specific legislation and practice standards, which enhances their core professional competency; and
  • have sufficient knowledge to provide safe, ethical, and competent care to their clients.

Learning Path Instructions

Course participants need to review the course material from each module and complete one quiz.

Please use Text-to-Speech (TTS) reading tools to support your learning as needed.

This course has six modules:

  1. Regulation of Healthcare Professions in Alberta
  2. Registration
  3. Professional Practice Requirements
  4. Therapeutic Relationships, Trauma Informed Service Delivery, and Professional Communication
  5. Professional Conduct, Complaints, and Capacity
  6. Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

Work through the material at your own pace and take the final exam once you feel you are adequately prepared. The College recommends that the modules be reviewed in sequential order.

Participants may work through the modules independently or in groups, but the test must be taken independently.